Z a c - K a t i e - F o x - G r i z z l y

We are a small husband and wife run Company. We love running a business, but love spending time hanging out with our family more. In a world where business is put before family far to often, we try to create an equal balance. As a result we moved from our long time home in OC, CA and headed to NM to allow us to do more homesteading, and to allow our boys to grow up with room to run around rather than be gridlocked by city streets. We built a yurt like tiny home that we live in full time, and allows us to live a more relaxed lifestyle that is not just focused on making rent every month.  Our passion is creating Unique Products that represent our style as a family . All of our products are Handcrafted by us to ensure that Craftsmanship qaulity is put into everyone of our products. By supporting our shop you are supporting our family and it's journey.


You can stay up to date on our current Housing Projects by visiting our blog or by following us on Instagram

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